Risky Business: Take That Leap!

Always try to start your day centered. My dream is to travel the world as an established model and mentor so I can talk to you wonderful people about life’s purpose, uncovering your talents and abilities, and going after these with a tenacity and perseverance that NOTHING can stop you. A dear friend of mine asked me on our phone call yesterday afternoon, “What risks have you taken?” I said off the bat, “I moved to Chicago with $1,000 to my name…Just enough money to live for one month.”

I had no official job or bookings lined up. I was actually getting ready to go on vacation in New York for Christmas.

He said, “Okay, name another.”

“I decided to go the unconventional route for work and have no guaranteed yearly income.”

“Okay, name another…”

“I want to move to California with no physical, emotional, or financial safety net…”

Agents, friends, and family have discouraged me from this — “Being a successful model in California is harder these days than even trying in New York,” said my agent on one of our phone calls.
“It just wouldn’t be a smart move…You need to wait until you are part of the Union and have had more of an opportunity to build up your acting reel…,” said another agent at our meeting.

I still wake up every day and know there is something waiting for me there. As far as what that something is, it could be Prince Charming, a dump truck of money, my highest self, the friendship of a lifetime, a contract to be the spokesmodel for one of the companies I have dreamed of, a new longboard…Heck, it could be none of these, or it could be all of these! Whether the something is money, happiness, love, or opportunity…I just need to be there, despite the unknown of what or how this will manifest. This alone is enough for me to pick up my life, because God is so great that anything can happen. Absolutely ANYTHING. This world is crazy y’all.

This got me thinking — We all have to risk big shit on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to get what we actually want in life. It’s terrifying, but what waits on the other side when you jump between those two cliffs is insurmountable. You say, 1, 2, 3…and just push off. The key is to jump before you think about it too long. Jesus himself could be standing at the bottom of the other cliff, but do you want to know why most people never make it there? They get CAUGHT staring down between the cliffs, looking at all of the fissures, curves, valleys, overhangs, and other mountains that grew in between the two, main cliffs. We tend to get STUCK in the rocky canyon, when the good shit is straight ahead. Don’t be that person who gets caught looking down for too long. Keep your head up, look straight ahead, and realize your ideas come directly from the Divine.

What risks have you taken? Write about it! I DARE YOU to be daring. When something is scary or you have fear, buckle your boot straps because that means a tremendous amount of growth and change for the better is about to happen — You get on a roller coaster knowing the way down is going to be epic; You know the entire way up, you will be freaking the fu** out, but you will endure it because the drop down is sooo worth it. (If you have been to Cedar Point and rode The Millennium or The Dragster, you all know what I mean. Shoutout to all of you Midwest people…Midwest is the best, ayyeee. JK Love you all.) The adrenaline rush from this whole process causes us to keep riding roller coasters. Get addicted to this same feeling for your life. If you don’t like to risk, LEARN to embrace it.

I want you to know something great is ahead, and today feels extra lucky. Sending massive amounts of energy to you in this moment. Let’s get it! And smile at that person who is staring at you while you’re reading this. Then, have gratitude for yourself for giving him/her that oomph of positive energy needed. Peace.