Random Acts of Kindness

Growing up, we had a household ran by money; We always needed more. There was a lot of money coming in, money to be spent, saved, invested…My father is very money motivated, which is a strength to having a successful career, and I was very blessed with everything my parents provided for me. I was by what so(everyone)me would say, spoiled, but oftentimes I had guilt weighing on me when I would get these nice things, or gifts. Even when my mother would take me out to eat, my dad couldn’t know about it. I remember many times they would argue about finances and spending $25 on a lunch for two.

I always have had the mentality, “Spend as little as possible. This will make Dad proud of me.” Dad would ask, “Did Mom buy that sushi for you at the store?” I answered honestly the first time. “Yes, she did.” I later heard them arguing about buying me unnecessary things. I remember thinking, ‘Well that’s not fair…Mom shouldn’t get in trouble for being kind and giving.’ I began lying to him about everything so he could hear what he wanted, but in doing so, I became paranoid, thinking he would find a way to the truth.

I was very privileged growing up, but I always felt there was a constant struggle between money and love. These factors were conditional. If I did something my parents did not like, they would go on and on about how they have provided me with a car, car insurance, a paid cell phone, etc. and would threaten to take away these luxuries. Being a 16-year old at the time, I had no way to pay for things, such as a phone or car, so I felt trapped. Although I had an extremely cushy childhood (I had everything a girl wanted), this really affected me. Today, it affects how I view other people’s willingness to gift things towards me or reach out with money. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago this past December that people began to show me the other side [of love]. Random acts of kindness from complete strangers began happening to me. One instance in particular, is when I went to Real Good Juice Co.

My boyfriend, Roman, and I decided to go to this smoothie shop on a whim after going for a jog in the park. We got our smoothies, and sat down at a small, round table outside. We started chatting, and the man sitting next to us looked at Roman and said, “I can’t help but notice your accent. Where are you from?” We began conversing with this man, and soon found out his name is Bob. Roman and I shared with Bob the story of how we met, why I moved to Chicago, and after talking for twenty minutes straight, Bob insisted he get us a “NoYo” ice cream bowl.

I was quite surprised. Who would want to give ME an ice cream for doing nothing? You just met me. I haven’t done anything for you to be deserving of receiving this. I felt so special, so happy over a bowl of “NoYo” ice cream (It’s the little things in life, okay?). Roman and I continued to have a wonderful talk with Bob and his daughter, Sam. We exchanged contact information, and Bob said, I have people I know. I am going to help you. Sam, laughed and said, “He loves making new friends.” We agreed Roman and I would visit and grab dinner with their family sometime. I didn’t expect to hear from Bob for a while, but he texted me within a few days and said, “I think I have something for you, but it’s something I want to talk to you about. Reach out to me tomorrow if you would like to discuss.” I thought to myself, 'It couldn't hurt.'

I jumped on a call with Bob. He said a bunch of wonderful, encouraging things, and expressed how he sees great potential in me. Bob then proceeded to offer to pay for a life coach for me, so I can elevate my career and take my skills to the next level. I was in shock, excited, happy, confused...I was feeling every emotion at once and couldn’t believe a man I had just met was so willingly open to investing in me, expecting nothing in return. I am currently about to start my life coaching sessions and couldn’t be more excited to see what is in store for the future.

Thank you Bob Weed, for teaching me to be able to receive love through a random act of kindness when I have done nothing to deserve it. I am forever grateful for you, my family, and each one of you doing great things in the universe. Keep at it, even when no one is watching, because eventually you will find your Bob Weed along the way.